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1. Good, bad or indifferent "" everybody has some power. Discuss the power that you have.

In the position that I am in, Sr. Administrative Assistant, I have the following power: Reward power: The ability to bestow rewards, promotions, raises and give pat's on the back to other people. I am the administrative assistant to the director of a sub-department within National Accounts. I handle/oversee almost all of the administrative activity that goes on within my department, I also have a temporary assistant reporting in to me. Once we get a headcount approval the temporary assistant position will turn into a permanent administrative assistant position and this person will report to me as well.

My responsibilities that I have in this position or as the book would refer to it, my Reward Power that I have is giving the assistant rewards for individual accomplishments/teamwork; recommending them for possibly a permanent job, if he/she is a temporary employee or recommending them for a job at my level if they are a permanent employee and are seeking a promotion.

I would also discuss their raise with their manager(s) and also give them encouragement and let them know of a job well done.

I also have Coercive Power: The authority to punish or recommend punishment1. I do also have the authority to fire/suspend a temporary employee, if they are not performing to our standards. If there were issues with a permanent employee, they would have to be put on a performance plan, in which they would have 3-6 months to meet our standards, or else they would be terminated.

Another power that I believe to have is Expert Power. Expert Power: derives form a person's higher skill or knowledge about the tasks being performed1. I am known as the computer expert...