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Why did we choose this Venture?

Choosing another off-beat and stand out project we've decided to launch a Car Modification Workshop "IBHERDESIGN". This industry has been undermined and unexplored. People have always been fans of modified cars which are fast and attractive to look at. But a very few people have actually explored into the possibilities of starting a service that helps people fulfill their dreams of having the Ultimate Lean-Mean Speed Machine.

This venture would fulfill the people's need of having the car of their dreams at reasonable prices. We've have researched and collected information from various sources and brought forward to you this off-beat but truly desirable venture.

IBHERDESIGN is a venture bringing together like minded and enthusiastic motor freaks and experts to bring to you the best of car modification services.

We aim at capturing all the classes of customers depending on their preferences, budgets, driving conditions and requirements.

Business plan

We primarily aim at bringing down our competitors by using our strengths to our advantage and making the people realize the potential and expertise by held by our firm therefore helping us.

New-Age Technology

We have the latest of technology and expertise available with our engineers and technicians both graphically and mechanically. We have the Modification Visualizer for helping the customers preview their modification before hand and therefore help them understand how their cars would look after the make-over.

The other software used by us would be the Computer Controlled Engine Performance Monitor which would help us and the customers get knowledge about their engine's performance. This would also help us tune-up their engine to optimize performance of the engine and therefore their cars.

These software and technology used by us is unrivaled, unmatched and unique. These software never been used by any of the current...