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I. Executive Summary. Green Leaf is located in the River front area of Philadelphia PA on Tea Kettle Ave. Contact number is 215-555-8309b. Green Leaf is a privately owned teashop with a management team that consists of top tea brewers trained extensively in all areas brewing the perfect cup of tea.

c. Green Leaf will provide a relaxing atmosphere where patrons can come and relax and forget about the stressful day at work.

d. We will be known for providing a soothing pleasant atmosphere and the best-brewed tea in Philadelphia. We will capture the market for individuals who are looking for a place to enjoy a cup of tea and relax while providing a healthy alternative to consuming coffee.

e. There are numerous coffee shops in this area but none specialize in brewing tea.

f. We will aggressively pursue our target market through advertising and personal emails. There are several radio stations located in this area.

We will focus most of advertising toward urban and lifestyle advertisement mediums.

II. Mission Statement:Green Leaf is committed to becoming the number one teashop in the greater Philadelphia area. We will relax you.

III. Industry Overview A. Industry Analysis1. Industry Background and Overview:The flagrant and exotic tea industry is committed to providing the public with top quality beverages. The industry is very diversified, from small family owned to large corporate teashops, serving a wide variety of teas and flagrances from around the world. Tea is becoming more and more popular with all the health benefits being discovered when consuming it. This trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. There are limitless amounts of tea infusions that are available for the market with most coming from Asia. Teashops are small and serve tea in a warm and flagrant environment where the consumer's senses...