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DOG CARE is an establishment "one of its kind" in this particular market (FYROM - City of Skopje), it means that there is no competition present which will directly affect our operations.


DOG CARE mission is to provide the necessary care and affection to our costumer dogs, with the best possible quality of our service


Creation of a business which will generate high revenues with increased profitability, each year. This will assure the aspirations for expansion and the creation of a center for pets which will offer all the preferable services our costumers need. These will be achieved by providing high quality service, which will increase the costumer satisfaction as one of the most important parameter in the repeated purchase in the service sector industry.


1. Company Ownership

PETS CARE Company will be owned four individuals in terms of partnership - Bogeska Afrodita, Bozinovska Natasa, Oklobdzija Nikola, and Pendic Rajko.

Each of the partners will contribute by the equal share of needed investment for business start-up. During the first four years the company will not offer any shares either to external parties or its employees. However, the planned expansions of the business in the future will acquire additional investments that will be generated from selling shares at the stock market.

2. Company Structure

PETS CARE will consist of two types of services. Basically we will provide part time pets care (8 hours service) and full time service (24 hours service). Through the first type of the service we will provide an opportunity to the customers that require a daily part time care for their pets (while they are working). This service will be the primary focus of our business during the low season (February -...