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Create an annual Golf Outing that will allow us to engage alumni, faculty, and parents who are interested in our Mission. The outing will also enable the College to meet new prospects and raise $100,000 per year, which can be applied to the new student center. Each year we can raise the money for a different area of BC and meet more prospects that we can approach to support the College.

Keys To Success

The following points are keys to a successful outing:

· Find 30 people to each bring 3 friends.

· Find a sponsor to cover costs of golf, food, and mailing.

· Find sponsors to donate holes, putting green, driving range, carts, caddies, gift bags, and auction.

· Find individuals to donate gifts and prizes for a successful auction, raffle, and gift bags.

· Find 30-60 people or companies to sponsor golf carts. We have estimated this will bring in $15,000.

Target Market

· Alumni - We will focus on alumni who received their pre-doctoral and/or PG degrees at BC. It is believed that younger alumni will be unable to afford $500 for a golf outing. Similarly, we feel that from the pool of our older alumni, the PG graduates are more inclined to spend $500 on an BC event because they were treated more as a colleague than a student during their time here, and therefore, have a greater affinity for the College.

· Parents - We will focus on parents of current and incoming students. Because the first annual BC Golf Outing will support the new Student Center, we believe they will be interested in donating. Their donations will enhance their children's BCexperience.

· Faculty - We will focus on faculty who have a good repoire with their students. These faculty members usually have...