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1. As area sales manager for a company manufacturing and marketing outboard engines, you have been assigned the responsibility of conducting a research study to estimate the sales potential of your products in the domestic (U.S. or Canadian) market. Discuss key issues and concerns arising from the fact that you, the manager, are also the researcher.

The purpose of the manager and the purpose of the researcher would cause a possible conflict. As a manager, I want to show that sales potential is high. However, as a researcher, I must show sales potential that is supported by the research instead of showing high sales potential. The information above due to the opposite nature of the goals of the manager and researcher there is possibly a conflict of interest which could greatly affect the outcome of the research (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). A researcher must be independent to give the appearance of reliable results.

My concern here is that it seems the manager has undertaken a lot of work and in turn he may achieve unsuccessful results. "He who serves two masters disappoints one or both", in this case, as a representative of the company, I have two jobs will fail at one or both of them. Labor in a workplace should divide equally to employee's pay scale and qualifications.

2. Chapter 1 - Question 10 -- Apply the principles in Exhibit 1-4 to the research scenario in question 8.

Research need to show an estimate of the size of the outboard engine market, in sales and units, and current market share of all industry participants.

Before the research is regulated, a research proposal will be approved. The researcher will often report the progress of the whole event weekly or monthly. The research can estimate the time period of completing the...