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High Definition Television or an HDTV is a television set that shows high resolution digital images with digital surround sound. Michael Inouye, a research analyst for a marketing research firm in-stat, conducted two studies in the United States and Worldwide to find out how interested consumers were in High Definition Television sets. The purpose of these studies was to see if the average Americans household’s interest in High Definition Television sets had increased or decreased as compared to last year.

The reason these studies were conducted was due to the research firm noticing that the average American household, that at one time were interested in high definition television sets, were no longer interested and those that were not interested showed a little interest. In 2006 and 2007 Michael Inouye conducted two studies, one study was done by phone, and the second study was done on the internet.

In the phone study, phone numbers were randomly called and surveyed with the top two choices being those that were interested in high definition television the most, and the bottom two choices were for those that showed little or no interest in high definition television.

After the phone study was done it showed that overall interest in high definition television had gone down, but interest increased within the middle aged group. In the internet study, no details were given on how the study had been conducted, but interest in high definition seemed to be higher than that of the phone study.

Michael Inouye concluded that the biggest reason for the loss of interest in high definition television is because consumers now understand what high definition television means. Consumers now understand that in order to receive a high definition quality picture, one must have high definition equipment. Consumers were under the impression that by purchasing a high definition television, that their picture quality was going to be high definition. Another reason for the loss of interest in high definition television was that some consumers were not interested in high definition at all.

Even though research concluded a loss of interest in high definition television here in the United States, the research done worldwide showed an increase in interest. The countries that showed the most interest in high definition television sets were France and South Korea, where high definition is virtually new. Eventually, high definition television or HDTV will become a household word worldwide.

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