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This project paper discusses XYZ Corporation's force in driving technology innovation in less fortunate countries. The synopsis defines the research and its purpose, explains the problem, identifies the parties involved, and describes the methods used to conduct the research.

Definition of the Business Research and Its Purpose

This current business research project paper was about XYZ's drive to help the company gain a deeper understanding of the way in which people view and use technology across varies cultures and continents. Understanding the cultural, social, geographic, and other factors that impact technology adoption is essential to XYZ and any other company that wants to succeed in developing useful technology products for diverse global markets.

Explanation of the Business Problem(s) Under Investigation

The research highlighted some insights into the underlying social and cultural factors that influence technology adoption in the region, and their implications for new technology development. In the Western continents, especially in the U.S.,

technology is often taken for granted. Often times a person without thought, purchases a PC or laptop, a cell phone, or any new generation technology for the sole purpose of social status. In many Asian cultures, by contrast, emphasize on the community and sharing of technology. Researcher found that in homes with enough resources to purchase multiple devices, people would use the same one. In other words, a household in Asia would rather share a PC or any gadget rather than have individual ones for the reasoning of the act as viewed as a social good. The problem that XYZ is faced with is how would a culture that promotes community rather than individuality, can be sold on new technology.

XYZ has already begun to translate some of the findings such as the issue above. For instance, XYZ has introduced two new innovations. The first is...