Cadbury channels, access and distribution levels

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Marketing Principles: Trading and Exchange

CADBURY: Channels, Access and Distribution Levels

Purpose of a network and marketing channel

¡ Value network is a system of partnerships and alliances that a firm creates to source, augment, and deliver its offerings

¡ The domestic manufacturing sites are situated at the following locations:

1. Claremont Tasmania

- At this site Cadbury manufacture boxed chocolate assortments, moulded chocolate blocks, chocolate confectionery bars and food drinks for the retail and industrial markets.

2. Ringwood Victoria

- At this site Cadbury manufacture confectionery bars and bar pieces, filled and hollow chocolate novelty units for children and the Easter and Christmas events as well as a range of industrial chocolates and compounded chocolate.

3. Scoresby Victoria

- At this site Cadbury manufacture a range of sugar and caramel based confectionery and licorice product for both the retail trade and industrial customer.

¡ The Cadbury brand has also been licensed to other selected food manufacturers who produce and distribute their range of Cadbury products, notably ice cream.

These licencees are responsible for their own Covenant Action Plans.

¡ Cadbury does not sell their goods directly to the final user; between them stands a set of intermediaries performing a variety of functions

¡ Service establishments in particular supermarkets, convenience stores, deli's, petrol stations etc are highly involved marketing and distribution channels as this is where the target market exists. With these establishments, Cadbury products are made widely available and accessible to the main target markets

¡ Marketing channel performs the work of moving goods of producers to consumers (see figure)

¡ A manufacturer selling a physical product and services might require three channels: sales, delivery and service

¡ Cadbury use Sales Managers and Reps as sales channels, telephone, email and face to face as delivery channels and again...