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Part One

Dossier of sources for L. Caecilius Metellus Diadematus, first sentence or relevant section provided


Illyrian Wars III, II

'[119] At a later period, in the consulship of Caecilius Metellus, war was declared against the Dalmatians, although they had been guilty of no offense, because he desired a triumph. They received him as a friend and he wintered among them at the town of Salona, after which he returned to Rome and was awarded a triumph.'



(names of Consuls For the year 117):

'L.Caecilius et Q. Mucius'

(for the year 115, Cassidorus offers):

'M. Metello et M. Scauro consulibus, L. Metellus et Cn. Domitius artem ludicram ex urbe removerunt, praeter Latinum tibicinem cum cantore, ludum talarium.'

'When M. Metellus and M. Scaurus were the consuls, the censors L. Metellus et Cn. Domitius removed from the city (of Rome) the ars ludicer (the "sportive" spectacles - i.e.,

either theatrical events in toto, or just obscene theatre, and additionally Latin flute-players with singers and "ankle-theatre(?)".'


The Orations of Marcus Tullius Cicero III

'... or Lucius Diadematus, a man of consular rank and of the greatest authority;'

Post Reditum Ad Quirites II, V

("Lucullus" is a known error that appears in this work of Cicero's, Lucius was the intended name)

'...nor, as was that of Quintus Metellus, by a son whose years did not detract from the respect he inspired, by the influential Lucullus Diadematus, an ex-consul, by the ex-censor Gaius Metellus...'

Post Reditum in Senatu (15.),37

' was not in my case, as in the case of Quintus Metellus, a most admirable and most illustrious man, a youthful son of proved virtue who strove for me; it was not Lucius and Caius Metellus, men of consular rank...'

Pro Roscio Amerino (50), 147

'...Caecilia was...