Call Of The Wild

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?Call of the Wild? This was a very interesting novel that made me wonder about dog?s abilities and how they can affect both humans and other animals. I learned that good dogs, such as Buck, can be both admired and feared, but are great pets to have. In this book, it showed how Buck came from a civilized life and became a leader and led a pack of wolves into the wild. ?Call of the Wild? was an excellent book that influenced my thinking about dogs and how we should treat dogs. My favorite part of the book was at the end, when he came back to his camp and finds that everyone was killed by a Native American Tribe, so he kills everybody in the Yeehatz Tribe who hadn?t run from Buck. Then Buck realizes he doesn?t have any more human ties, so he runs out into the forest (wild) and leads a pack of wolves, he has responded to the call of the wild.

Buck went through rough times and good times, and he found out at the end that he was best off living with his own kind, the wild. He went through his life living with some good owners and some miserable owners. I noticed that when the owner of Buck treated Buck with respect and treated him kindly, then Buck would do miraculous things to help out his owner and would stand by him. John, one of Buck?s owners, treats Buck kindly and Buck becomes his favorite pet. Buck absolutely adores John and does a number of amazing things for John, such as saving his life twice and winning a bet that allows John to pay off all his debts that he had owed from gambling. However, when Buck was owned by a cruel owner, like Hal, he does not obey Hal when Hal orders him to rise, and Hal then repeatedly hits Buck. Hal isn?t a good owner because he beats Buck and doesn?t feed him the proper amount of food.

Buck overcomes many obstacles during his return to the wild, such as being exchanged from owner to owner and having to live in different environments. I think that it is amazing how he contains his temper must of the time, except for at the end when he kills the Native American Tribe. Buck is a very big dog and could be very dangerous if he was to lose his temper. He reminds me of a human and how when people neglect them, they try to contain themselves, but sometimes just cant control their temper.

The ending of this story was very well written and I enjoyed it very much, it was my favorite part of the book. I really liked how he found out that he was better off with the wild and ran off into the forest, it was a good ending to a good book. I was trying to find out what the book title meant, and then I finally found out with the ending. It meant that his calling was going out to the wild with his own kind and he lived happy from there. Buck lived a much happier life leading a pack of wolves through the Wild.

This was a very good book and I would recommend it to all readers, because it really let?s you know how it?s like to be mistreated and is a good lesson. This book really made me realize that no animals, especially dogs, should be abused or beaten for anything. ?Call of the Wild? is an excellent book and I really enjoyed it.