Camera innovation analysis

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Executive SummaryIn this report, it divided into four parts. The first part is the introduction. In this part, I shall generally introduce the term of innovation and its role to the society and economy. Also, I have given some comment on the term of innovation. The second part is about the background and details of the innovation history of camera and the reason of doing this report.

The third part is regarding the different type and different brand of camera. The finally part is about the conclusion of camera current development and the forecast of their future. In the meantime, different innovation models are used to analysis the camera innovation process.

IntroductionA. Definitions of innovationThe following are some definitions of the term innovation:To use of new knowledge to offer a new product or service that customers want. It is invention +commercialization (Freeman, 1998)A new way of doing things that is commercialized (Porter, 1990)"The introduction of something new" (dictionary definition)Source:Module Handbook, Innovation & Change (I &C): Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship.

Available from: [accessed 7 Nov]Innovation is not a single action but a total process of interrelated sub processes. It is not just the conception of a new idea, nor the invention of a new device, nor the development of a new market. The process is all these things acting in an integrated fashion.

(Myers and Marquis, 1969)Innovation = theoretical conception + technical invention + commercial exploitation(US Dept of Commerce, 1967)Source:Trott, Paul (2005), Innovation Management and New Product Development, 3 rd ed. Harlow, Prentice Hall/Financial Times, pp.40-42Other sources of definition of innovation can be references are the following:Source:Valentino Piana (2003), Innovation [Internet] Available from :<> [Accessed 5 Dec 2008]Source:BROKEN BULBS: INNOVATION [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 15 Nov 2008]Source:Encyclo: Encyclopedia [Internet] Available from :<> [Accessed 18 Nov 2008]B. Comments for...