Marketing Plan: Apple's IPhone.

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Apple's iPhone Marketing Plan

Frank Foltyn

University of Maryland University College

TMAN 613 section 9041

May 8, 2007

iPhone Marketing Plan

1.0 Executive Summary

Apple's iPhone is an "all-in-one" device that is has remarkable features such as its wonderful user interface, multi-touch display, and its personalization ability. The iPhone has a release date of June 2007. The main marketing strategy that Apple will be emphasizing is to offer an all-in-one device that could be extensively customized, with the ability to integrate the iPod and cell phone in one product, along with the value driven high technology that has a targeted audience composed of people from various demographics. The iPhone is going to be a product that combines the features of a PDA, iPod, and cell phone. The market research that Apple has executed to come up with a product that will be valuable to consumers is tremendous.

The innovative mindsets of Apple's management team have allowed the company to focus on investing in research and development, which has showed great results. The company has been able to gather data to show what the customers needs are, what the market trends are and will be, what the competition is producing in terms of competitive product development, and impact of any macro-economic forces that could impact a success deployment of the iPhone.

The research tools that Apple used to gather their data to help make the success of the iPhone and other products are customer feedback surveys, online surveys, conjoint analysis, Kano diagram, and customer relationship management software. Even though Apple is driven to focus on the customers' needs, it is not a victim of marketing myopia, which is the tendency to focus very specifically on solving customers'...