What can we do if there is a new product that you need to promote to the market.

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1 Executive Summary

2 Business Profile

3 Product Introduction

4 Target Market

4.1 Market Segmentation

4.2 Target Marketing

4.3 Market Positioning

5 SWOT Analysis

5.1 Strengths

5.2 Weaknesses

5.3 Opportunities

5.4 Threats

6 Marketing Objectives

7 Marketing Strategy

7.1 Product

7.2 Price

7.3 Place

7.4 Promotion

8 Financial Budgeting

9 Bibliography

Executive Summary

Kulala Company is a privately held corporation in Malaysia. This company offers a full line of biscuit product to the markets. The company is planning to launch a new biscuit product called Mickey and Friends to the children market. The main objective of this report is to develop marketing strategy and identify the target market for Kulala Company on the new product, new market and customers.

The Mickey and Friends product is targeted the children market. This product is a series of cartoon biscuit product and has 3 kinds of flavor that are pure chocolate, sweet strawberry, and sun orange.

The company also has created a slogan "Quality is our problem" to let the consumers confidence in our products. Our company is trying to produce the best quality biscuit products to fulfill the consumers' satisfaction.

Company is expected to earn the net profit of 1 million dollars in the period of 3 years. The company also wants to achieve 15% of the market share within these 3 years. Beside that, company also expected to be the market leadership and quality leadership in the 10 years period.

Company Profile

Kulala Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is a large -scale marketing trading company in Malaysia that was established at 3 December 1995 by Mr. Yong Hew Fatt. In the year of 1995, Mr. Yong Hew Fatt just brought in 180,000 dollars capital to start the business of Kulala Company. But according the balance sheet of this year,