Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment is an absolutely unnecessary part of today's criminal justice system.

Our society should abolish the death penalty because it is expensive, risky, doesn't deter crimes, and it doesn't give a criminal a second chance to prove that they can change to benefit society.

Also, capital punishment is morally wrong, and it goes against many rules of ethics.

One reason for why the death penalty is bad is because it leaves no room for reform.

Everyone deserves a second chance to prove themselves to everyone else if they failed the first time or if they made a mistake. For example, when someone kills another person without thinking about what they are doing first, they should at least be allowed to try and improve themselves, while they are in prison. If this criminal was given the death penalty, then that person does not have a chance to prove to everyone else that he can change himself and become a better person.

Another drawback in the capital punishment system is that it is very expensive. The death penalty has actually never been a more economical choice to life in prison. In most studies, the trial alone, is almost double the cost of life imprisonment (especially when capital punishment is the penalty that would be given out). In comparison to a trial in which the death penalty is asked for to that in which a non-death sentence is requested, the trial that ended in the death penalty would cost almost 42% more than the other. In fact, it has been estimated that the cost of only one execution is nearly $3 200 000!! That means that the cost of one execution is about six times the amount of money that it would cost for a life imprisonment sentence. In addition to...