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Capitalism has influenced the world. Many countries have adopted capitalism as an economic system. Some countries who have a capitalist system are the United States of America, India, and China. However, there are countries that have not become capitalist and have turned to communism.

The United States of America is often described as a "capitalist" economy. "Capitalism has made us richer and given us the opportunity of vastly more diverse experiences" (Bartholomew pg. 018). As stated in this quote Capitalism has made us richer and given us more diverse oppurtunities. There was a time that the United States was at a very high point due to the good things that Capitalism had brought. Capitalism allows private ownership to increase production of goods and allows the private owner to keep and track profits for what sells. This is how capitalism works and how it has helped many of the American people.

The American people are well known to be risk takers and also capital makers. In the United States it is possible to begin a business of humble means and expand it to grow into a conglomerate business model for people wanting to start a new business. Capitalism in the United States does not go by race and welcomes anyone willing to work hard, market a product and to let it grow and flourish. Groups within industries shape the model for success in agriculture, commerce, service industries, technology and other industries. American people take pride in their capitalist government and use it to their utmost advantages.

India is beginning to realize its potential economically as it is encouraging Capitalism throughout the country. "And by middle of the 21st century India will overtake China" (Siddiqui pgs. 1-48). According to this quote India is growing and by the middle of...