Captains Of Consciousness: Conformity in Workforce & Consumerism

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Captains Of Consciousness: Conformity in Workforce &Consumerism

Stuart Ewen's Captains of Consciousness depicts the American people, as a

class of malleable work force who must earn a living by selling their

labor, from the beginning of industrialization till the 1930s. Initially

capitalism is characterized with a source of ideas of progress and

development measured by the changes of the machine. Industrialization in

reality is the American people serving the corporations as work slaves for

the purpose of an efficient mass production. Any who oppose were dealt by

legislation and military use to insure perpetuation of bourgeois. (Pg 7)

Sometime after World War I corporations were faced with high amounts of

anti-capitalist sentiments. This caused a transition for corporations to

view the workforce as "citizens" than just "wheel horses" or machines. So

called "welfare programs" trained people to become better workers in order

to assimilate into industry and work more diligently.

(Pg 15) Over time

there was a large amount of production exceeding the consumption.

Industries needed to give the American people capital and the desire to

consume. At this point "citizen" became "consumer" out of necessity.

Business resolved to increase wages and leisure time to hopefully increase

consumption. In order to increase the market corporations began to focus

on advertising, which is a communication of ideas and desires on products

to the unsuspecting public. Advertisers sought to attract the largest

audiences through psychology techniques such as the individual as the

object of continual and harsh social scrutiny. Advertising demanded a

momentary involvement of consumption it hope for a life style to

ameliorate social and personal status. (Pg 37)

Advertisement consciously and subconsciously are everywhere in today's

society. It is the main way corporations can display the product to the

audience. Ewen's was correct that corporations are Captains of...