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Accidents happen all the time. They say that accident is name of the greatest of all inventors. In case of a car accident that statement does not hold true. Car crashes are destructive, and they cause a loss of money, time and sometimes even lives. I was a victim of one such accident but luckily it didn't cost us any lives, although it did teach me a few things about driving.

It was a pleasant evening on the 28th of September, 2006. My brother had to go to the parent teacher meeting at his school. I decided to ditch my evening class and go to the meeting too, as I wanted to meet my old teachers. We all had to go to in-n-out for diner right after the meeting.

I had gotten my driving permit a couple of months back and was doing a pretty good job at driving. My dad had told me that I could drive every chance I got so I was pretty excited.

On that evening I asked my mother if I could drive all the way to school, in-n-out and back. We drove to school and I met all my teachers who were happy to see me after quite a long time.

After the meeting I drove my mom and brother to in-n-out and we bought our diner and decided to take them home and eat it. I was driving back home and while parking in our garage I crashed into the boiler room which was right in front of the garage.

I knew that when parking a car in a garage on the side of the house you first press the brakes slightly, slowing down, and then after turning the car you take your foot of the brakes to ease the car into the...