Cards Analysis, A creative writing in response to the importance of cards in The Solitaire Mystery

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The picture cards in the card deck are pretty much the same but each card has its own touch if individuality. All the kings have swords in their hands except the King of Diamonds, which has an axe in its hand. All the kings have curly smooth hair but the Red Kings have their hair curled in while the Black Kings have their hair curled in. The King of Hearts is the only King, which doesn't have a moustache while all the other Kings have one. The King of Hearts always look in the South West direction and both their hands are visible, the left hand holding a sword behind the head. The King of Spades look in the North East direction and hold a sword, which faces upwards, in their left hand. The King of Clubs look in the same direction as the King of Hearts, which is the South West direction.

These Kings also hold their sword in their left hand. The King of Diamonds look in the West direction and are the only Kings who hold an axe, instead of a sword. But these Kings also hold their axes in their left hand. All the Kings of all suits have different costumes but the design in their crowns is the same, which has Club's symbol in them. The Kings have different expressions on their faces. The King of Hearts seems happy and totally content with himself. The Queens of all the suits carry a flower of different designs in their left hand. The Queens have smooth hair and all of them, except the Queen of Spades, have the same design. Only the Queen of Spades has both her hands visible unlike the other Queens. Queen of Spades also holds an upside down scepter in her left...