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This plan is proposed in order for InterClean to achieve its new corporate strategy whichincludes sales efforts designed to provide longer term relationships with its customers. Alreadyimplemented is an initial training seminar which is intended to provide adequate crosstraining for all sales personnel to handle their field duties. Following this will be seminars andtraining sessions to be conducted in order to enhance the development of skills determined to benecessary to allow sales personnel to provide excellence and professionalism in theirrepresentation of our organizations product line. The training should have a direct effect on thelevel of revenue produced for the enterprise. (Cascio, 2005) Anticipated skills to be coveredinclude additional product knowledge, communication, personal professionalism and listeningskills. There may be other subjects included as warranted.

Equally important will be the institution of a sales performance and incentive program whichwill include an evaluation of the overall sales effort for the team as well as an individualevaluation of the contribution from each team member.

What is proposed is a system which willinclude a base salary for each employee involved with the sales effort coupled with a percentagebased on the total team effort and a percentage based on the effort of the individual. Theparticulars of this plan are not a part of this memo and will be discussed in a subsequentcommunication. A plan of this sort should allow each member of the sales force to strive formultiple goals which will satisfy not only the ends for the organization but also for the teamand themselves. Tuition and expense reimbursement should be provided for such personnel whodisplay the initiative for outside educational opportunities from local and online educationalinstitutions.

Recognition is necessary for those situations which require alternate time demands forresponse to customer or to personal demand for dual career employees. Access to the officeduring these times will...