Career planning & employee motivation.

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How important is career development now at Qwikmail?

Stone (2005, p.372) defines career planning and development as giving employees assistance to develop realistic career goals and the opportunities to realise them. Qwickmail's role is to assist individuals by providing the means and opportunities for career planning while meeting its own needs for qualified employees. With Qwikmail anticipating growth it must tackle such elements like resignations, sickness, retirements and so on. In a matching process, Qwikmail will be dependent on having career occupants being interested in discovering more about their own capacity and their career anchors. The implication is that a good model for career planning and development is in the interest of both the organisation and the individual. The proof is in the pudding whereby Elizabeth herself it gives employees huge oppurtunites to develop their careers in Qwikmail (Bruce 2003, p. 103). This comment itself acts as an important motivator to emerging employees within the company.

How are Elizabeth Spanning's plans for a career development program consistent with the cultural change which the compnay is going through?

Qwickmail must clearly understand that individuals want quite different things out of their careers, measure themselves quite differently, and therefore have to be managed differently. The hypothesis that career development or lack of mobility or that people get locked in their jobs or situations could be understood by the culture of the organisation. Through different activities like a career development programs it is possible to facilitate and overcome the boundaries, which could be found in the organisational culture.

Evaluating comments and suggestions by her HR managers in all states and New Zealand, it is clear to see that Elizabeth Spanning is planning to further develop this culture. The culture highlights the opportunities for employees. She is doing this by encouraging improving levels...