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The American Hero

The American self-image is a much-argued subject. As a result of this the image of a hero is also a standard. It is standard according to the view that this American society has on people. The way we judge others and ourselves has a lot to do with what society has elected. If society picks large, thin and good-looking people to be what is considered successful, then those who fit the traits are going to be successful. A hero, however, has his or her own qualities. A hero can be the boy next door, or a person who is not that important to anyone. In the movie Casablanca, Rick Blaine who is played by Humphrey Bogart is the hero. Rick fit's the American image of a hero. He is what he is and not what others want him to be. The key to personal success is being whom you are, no matter what people think or speak about you.

In the movie Casablanca Rick has personal success because he does good things in the end for other people. He seems to be very unselfish.

Rick Blaine's character is of a man who puts on this cold-hearted act, but actually has a heart full of love. It is not known why a man of with his he would do this. A conclusion to this wonder could be that he is following societies view of men not being able to show feelings. He acts as if he does not care about anything and that nothing will really affect him. He acts as if losing Ilsa again will not affect him like it did the previous time. American girls, for some reason, find the bad boy attractive. There is something about rebels and trouble that seems to interest quite...