Case Studies Analysis – The iPad Success

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Assignment 1: Case Studies Analysis - The iPad

The success of Apple's iPad is due to the company that developed them. Over the past decade, Apple has become one of the most trusted and notable companies in the technology industry, due mainly to its ability to deliver unique devices. The products have become exceedingly popular around the world because of Apple's constant ability to give customers what they want year after year.

In increasingly competitive, fast-moving and global markets a new product or service generally gets just one opportunity to make an impact, that is: at launch. A well-executed launch can enable a company to increase sales and win market share as famously demonstrated by the successful Apple iPad. ''The Apple's iPad have proven to be hugely successful. In fact, Apple said earlier this year that in 2010 alone, people purchased 15 million iPad units around the world'' (Reisinger Don, 2011, Apple's iPad, iPhone: 10 Factors That Made Them Popular. Viewed 13 Septmeber 2012, <>)

When the iPhone first launched, many knew that touch screens were the future. However, few believed that any company would be able to make them work as well as consumers would demand. But Apple did just that with the launch of the iPhone. And it brought its technology to the iPad to further cement its position in the touch-screen space. Now, if a smartphone lacks a touch screen, it's considered obsolete. Consumers simply expect them. Considering Apple was the first company to deliver a suitable touch screen, it's reaping the benefits of that.

One key factor to the success of the iPad launch was the 'price skimming' strategy which was adopted by Apple as a large segment of consumers were willing to obtain their new product. On this life cycle of...