Case Study "Acme Whistles"

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Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and Research

Case Study

"Acme Whistles"

Almaty 2004

The overlap between operations, marketing and product/service development at Acme Whistles is the quality control process. Acme Whistles is the small company and it influence to the activity of the firm as the whole. Everybody in the company is responsible for the quality of the product and service. Every employee feels himself as member of a big family and tries to contribute as mach as possible to company's success. Total quality management refers to a quality emphasis that encompasses the entire organization, from supplier to customer. Identifying and meeting customer expectations requires an emphasis on TQM if a firm is to compete as a leader in world market or to have competitive advantage. TQM requires a never-ending process of continuous improvement. In Acme P/OM managers are built a work culture that endorse continuous improvement. Year by year company have been improved their product - whistles.

This is not only management service; even newcomers actively participated in product development. This employee empowerment believes that employee may be able to solve arising problem of the company the employee rarely causes it.

Moreover overlap can be viewed in Quality Function Deployment of the organization, which uses house of quality. House of quality is performs 6 basic steps:

1. Identify customer wants

2. Identify product/service attributes (how the product will meet the wants)

3. Relate the customer wants to the product/service how's

4. Conduct an evaluation of competing products

5. Develop performance specifications for product or service how's

6. Assign how's to the appropriate place in the transformation process.