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(a) Distinguish between the terms "Marketing and Selling" and discuss the various

Activities carried out in the following situations.

Company selling Xerox machines

Multi-specialty hospital services

Space selling by Advertising Agency



Sales and marketing are intrinsically linked; the fact is that they are two very different business activities. This is particularly true in the case of small businesses, which often equates marketing with selling deliberately due to organizational and resource limitations.

MARKETING: Marketing is much broader in scope and starts long before the selling process takes place. It covers everything about the market, the consumer, and the brand.

SELLING: Selling, on the other hand, begins when a product or service becomes available for consumption or use. This function covers retailers' awareness and confidence on the product and cultivating customer advocacy for the maker of the product or service.



Marketing consists of all the important mix like Product, Pricing, Promotion, Selling, Distribution etc.

Selling is an integral part of marketing which aims at targeting prospective customers and facilitating the product sales.

Marketing is consumer driven and has long term goals of building customer loyalty and higher customer satisfaction

Selling is mostly producer driven and has short term goal of achieving the sales target or market share.

Consumer needs are the guiding force behind all the marketing strategies and activities.

Producer or manufacturer needs are the guiding force behind all the selling activities.

Considers of building a long term brand for long term benefits

Does not consider building up a brand for long term benefits

More focus on product modification or product improvement and very much dynamic in nature due to higher focus on customer demand

Less focus on product modification or product improvement

Mind share or place in consumers' mind is more important here

Market share or...