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Traffic Congestion in Vancouver Downtown

Commuting to, from, or within the Vancouver downtown has become a more timely business than it was in the past decades. This problem will become worse, with the increasing volume of cars traveling into downtown each day and the continual rise of residential population in the area. The number of cars commuting into Vancouver downtown daily has grown from 225,000 in 1981 to 255,000 in 2001, an approx. 15% growth. Traffic congestion is one of the biggest concerns in an urban core, mainly because there is a direct correlation between the accessibility of the urban core, and its economic health and livability. According to Dave Park, chief economist for the Vancouver Board of Trade, "One of the reasons Seattle lost Boeing's corporate headquarters was traffic congestion downtown, which should act as a warning for Vancouver to improve its transportation infrastructure." (Bellett) Efficient transportation, as one can see is the key to economic success and the livability of downtown, and it is crucial that we learn from the mistake of Seattle.

Instead of expanding road capacity to satisfy needs, the Vancouver City Counsel has taken a very different approach, for it was determine in the Vancouver Transportation Plan that road capacity is finite, and even if more roads are constructed they will eventually be congested by cars. To address the traffic issue in Vancouver Downtown, the DTP (Vancouver Downtown Transportation Plan) was proposed, a plan that is based on the following premise of the GVRD's Regional Transportation Plan: to promote the use of transits, high occupant vehicle, walking and cycling, and ultimately discouraging the use of single occupant vehicle.

In the Vancouver Downtown Transportation Plan, various plans are incorporated and customized to suit the circumstances of Vancouver Downtown. The ultimate goal...