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I was outside the movie theater waiting for my usually late friend Ryan to meet me there. I noticed two guys and a girl in the parking lot drinking beer. They seemed pretty drunk but I thought nothing of it as they walked into the theater. Finally Ryan arrived and we decided to see 'Casino' a story about the mob in Las Vegas.

After the movie we walked out and sat on Ryan's car to have a cigarette while we imitated the gangsters from the movie. I noticed one of the guys I had seen before the movie over by my car urinating on the bumper. Being in the mood that I was from the movie I confronted him by saying 'hey, you f*#kin' pissin' on my car?' He denied it and pointed out that he had in fact missed the car, which was true. Just then his buddy from inside the car asks me if I have a problem.

I say no I don't but I would if there was pee on my car. What? He says. I said it's cool, there's no pee on my car, it's pretty damn disrespectful to be pissin' on someone's car.

And with that it was over I walked away with Ryan (who had joined me) back to his car. On the way over to his car I mentioned to him how I wouldn't have had that attitude with they guy if we hadn't seen that type of movie.

I guess the fellow in the car still thought I had a problem because he pulled his truck up, got out, and got up in my face. What were you sayin' to your friend just now? You talkin' sh*t? Listen man, I said, it's cool, there's no pee on my car! Well I...