Causes of Homosexuality- A disease or Sexual Orientation

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I was so amazed by the level of tolerance towards homosexuality in the United States compared to other parts of the world. Is homosexuality a moral problem or a problem of sexual orientation? Could homosexuality be genetic? Why is there a history of childhood sexual abuse, gender confusion or rejection among a large number of homosexuals? These are the questions that I will attempt to answer in this essay. Even though, one can be born with the tendency or a predisposition towards homosexuality, one cannot be born a homosexual because it is subject to will power just as lust, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, and gambling are.

Same-sex relationships have been in existence since ancient times. The Bible made mention of homosexuals in the ancient towns of Sodom and Gomorrah. This practice was popular among the ancient Greeks as well. The Civil Rights activist’s struggle against discrimination of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders began in America in the early 1970s.

Over the years, tolerance to homosexuals has increased drastically. Laws have been amended to recognize the rights of homosexuals and to prohibit discrimination of homosexuals in all spheres of life. The law was also amended to recognize “domestic partnership”- a term used for unmarried couples including non-traditional families, so that homosexual couples living together could have the same rights, protection and benefits as married couples (Polikoff, 2007, p.149).

Is being homosexual a choice? Many homosexuals claim that it is not a choice. They argue that why would one decide to be a homosexual if that could lead to being scorned, rejected, and ridiculed. There are other homosexuals, especially lesbians, who believe that it is a choice. This is common among those who started the behavior later in life, for example, after a divorce. Although many gays and lesbians argue that being a...