Causes of World War Two

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At the end of world war one global peace seemed like it was going to be a reality but the treaty of Versailles set the stage for discontent. The treaty was very ruthless towards Germany and put her in helpless dept and put a limit to Germanys fighting power as well as Germany losing territory. The rise in the number of dictators also increased greatly at the time as people were given up their right to vote if it meant getting out of the dept the depression had put on them. Hitters expansion policy was also a main contributor to the war because it showed the weakness on the league of nations and every country that he tried to take over then went at war with him.

The treaty of Versailles was a treaty formed at the end of world war one by the victorious countries. The treaty was formed in the hope that it would stop future wars developing in Europe and would give compensation to the countries forced into the war.

The out comes of the treaty were the redistribution of territory, reduction of Germany's fighting power, Germany to pay compensation, Germany to sigh a war guilt clause and the league of nations to be set up. Germany was angry at the treaty and believed it was unfair but was forced to sign as they had just lost the war. The Germans were especially angry at losing land and having to pay compensation.

Another main cause of the war was the weakness of the League of Nations. The League of Nations was one of the main clauses in the treaty of Versailles. The purpose of the league was to settle disputes between nations and stop wars from breaking out between nations. However it didn't take long...