CD quality music can easily and quickly be distributed over the inter net. What should be done, if any thing, to control this type of activities?

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The state of the global music industry has brought an exciting argument in recent months. Many people criticised the industry for causing many problems. The US music industry started legal actions against hundreds of users accused of sharing music files without permission online. The global music industry is facing its most difficult times since sound was first recorded for sale to consumers.

After long time of almost unlimited profits, the industry is suffering from falling sales and piracy. But how bad is the problem and what are the issues? Let's go over the story from the beginning and judge on this issue.

Who is the man behind this issue?

Its really amazing to know that the man behind this big issue, that it could change the face of the music industry as we know it, only a 19-year-old who dropped out of college and who has no formal computer training.

The day-to-day running of the company may be shared with experienced business people, but the creative genius behind Napster is Fanning, who named the service after his high school nickname. Shawn Fanning grew up in Massachussetts, living in Harwich during his high school years. He gave up sports and started to explore the inter net most of his time. He started at Northeastern University in the fall of 1998 intending to major in computer science. He started writing a Windows-based program on his own. The reason behind his interest in writing the code, which led to the creation of Napster, is to create a music community. He left his college because he was so busy writing this code, which was taking all his mental energy. He found that he couldn't concentrate on developing the program and deal with his classes and life on campus. His uncle and him set...