Cell Phones and the Impact on Society

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"Bringggg," shrilled the cellular phone from deep within my dark jean pocket. After thirty seconds had passed, my jeans had become idyllic once again. Cell phones, everyone has them and we use them everyday. Amazingly, there are over 1.2 billion subscribers to cell phone companies all over the world. Undoubtedly, they have impacted our society. To support my opinion, cell phone users have developed etiquette all their own devoted to the mobile phone, cell phones affect the mail business negatively, and lastly, individually has been booming due to the device.

As a result of mobile phones, subscribers have subliminally created a set of unspoken rules. Manners are what separate us from the primitive monkeys. Once a set of rules have been created for something, such as cell phones, it shows the impact and clash of opinions from different backgrounds. What I mean by this is that Kathy Hilton, who wrote the book on prim and proper manners (figuratively speaking), is going to have a different expectation on mobile phone usage compared to some guy who works at the gas station down the street.

One of these regulations include not talking on the phone while driving. This is also a safety issue. Researchers like Nancy Fenn, who works for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, states "Cell phone talkers are as bad as drunk drivers," (n.p.). Another expectation is to not have an annoying ring tone. Certain things aren't meant to be heard every time someone wants to get in touch with you; This includes toilet noises, flatulence, screams and other sounds that people may find offensive. An additional rule of thumb would be to keep your distance while talking in public. Everyone has there own personal bubble that should not be crossed. Plus, no one is really interested in...