"Cell" by Stephen King: Reflective Letter / Short Summary

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December 11, 2006Dear Mrs. D..,Subject: Reflective LetterThe book that I chose to read was Cell by Stephen King. Cell is fictional horror story that includes references to several U.S. issues including 9/11. I chose this novel because I am a fan of Stephen King and because it gives an interesting outlook on how many humans are dependent upon technology.

It is October 1, and a young artist named Clayton Riddell is on his way home to New Jersey to visit his estranged wife and their young son Johnny. As he waits in line at an ice cream truck, Clay's life, and the life of every human on Earth, changes forever. Unbeknownst to the human populace, somebody, somewhere, triggers “The Pulse”, a signal sent out over the global cell-phone network, which instantly strips any cell-phone user of his or her reason and humanity, locking him or her into a merciless homicidal frenzy.

Within minutes, civilization crumbles as the masses of civilians tainted by “The Pulse”, attack each other and any unaltered normal people in view. As Clay wanders through the devastated streets of Boston, he meets up with Tom McCourt, a homosexual man whose career prior to the “The Pulse” is never mentioned in the book. The two men make their way to a hotel, safe from the “phone crazies”, where they meet Alice, a teenage girl of 16, who was separated from her mother in the ensuing pandemonium. The trio decides that they must leave Boston and head for New Jersey so Clay can be reunited with his son. As the days go by, the “phone crazies” begin to evolve. The first signs of change are when they refrain from killing people and begin to form “flocks” like birds. They then gain supernatural...