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Essay Overview Through this quarter each of my essays were completely different. My first essay was a change that effected my life, which for me was the death of my grandma. The second essay was a special trait that stood out in somebody. I wrote that essay on my crazy friend Ryan. The last essay was all about our journals that we have been writing. All of the essays were hard and easy in their own way. Each essay was unique of its own.

When I was told about getting into groups and reading our drafts of our essays my stomach just quenched. First it is hard for me to read in front of a group and second I am a really shy person. After getting the courage to do it the first time I realized to myself that this isn't so bad. Most of the time I got some great feedback and of course they would let me know what I need to improve.

Overall this helped my writing become more reader oriented, which was really nice.

Writing in a college environment is a whole lot different than high school. Expectations are a lot higher and so is your work load. In high school you would focus on one paper to write, but in college you are focusing on three or four at a time. I like this though and I am giving myself a little bit more of a challenge.

This class has helped me learn how to write a good college paper, but I also discovered a little bit about myself. I learned that I am unique in my own way and it's ok to have my own thoughts and feelings. This class helped me to grow as a person!