A Change in the Passport System

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This bill will be created to improve the passport system from its current ways. To obtain a passport now you must go to a chosen location where they are sold (for example The Board of Chosen Freeholders in the Ocean County Mall).

The current cost for a passport for a person 16 years of age or older is $55 with a $30 execution fee making the total cost $85. For someone under the age of 16, the fee is $40 in addition to the $30 execution fee totaling $70. In order to renew your passport the cost is $55. The passport renewal form (DS-82) will you be used for persons who was issued when you were 16 years or older, was issued in the past 15 years, is not damaged, and is submitted with your application. You will have to pay an extra $60 for an expedited service such as a first time application, renewal, additional pages, and a name change.

For a routine service to process a passport it will take about 6 weeks or if you pay the extra expedited fee then it will be up to 2 weeks.

In order to obtain the passport you must send in legal documents. A few of these documents are a Naturalization Certificate, a Certificate of Citizenship Current, a valid Driver's license, a Government ID: city, state or federal, and a Military ID: military and dependents.

If a person is under age then they will need a certified US birth certificate, a previous fully validated passport, a report of birth abroad, a certification of birth abroad, or a certificate of citizenship or naturalization.

A delayed birth certificate will be acceptable if there is listed documentation used to create it and it is signed by the attending physician or midwife, or,