Change Strategy for Gene One

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Gene One is a biotech company that assisted in the discovery of gene technologies that destroyed disease in tomatoes and potatoes. Through this discovery farmers no longer needed to use pesticides when growing their plants. Consumers didn't mind buying homegrown products without chemicals. Now that Gene One is a successful $400 million dollar company, the Chief Executive Officer, Don Ruiz and his board believe that in order to keep up with the rest of the industry they will need IPO capital for new developments, advertising, and marketing. They have put pressure on Teri Robertson, the heart of Gene One to have two new discoveries so that their Initial Public Offering can assist them in their new ventures. With this pressure on Teri and for Wall Street to be in agreement with this new IPO, she will need to work fast and hard in her discovery.

During the course of this paper there will be a development of a change strategy for the transformation of Gene One's future.

The different leadership styles of the four board members, Teri Robertson, Michelle Houghton, Greg Thoman, and Charles Jones will be analyzed as to see which members will be used to move the company forward. The analysis of Teri, Michelle, Greg, and Charles leadership and resistance to change will be taken into account. The future of Gene One depends on the approach and attitude of these four individuals. (Robbins, 2007) These four individuals make up the board members that will lead the future of Gene One. Their attitude's individually and together as a team will have an impression on the progress of the future for Gene One. Lastly this paper will include the End Vision for Gene One. The selected leadership styles of the four board members mentioned with a comparison and contrast of...