Changing the transportation system in Hanoi city- Vietnam.

Essay by SerenaDang October 2005

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Anyone who has ever stayed in Hanoi for only one day can tell what the most pressing problem in this city is: traffic. There are so many limitations on the infrastructure of the city: the traffic system is not synchronous, as well as there's a lack in transporting land ratio. If I could take it all into my hands, I would change the public transportation system at first, by using a system called BRT which stands for Bus Rapid Transit, has been in use in Canada and the US as well as being acknowledged in many other countries.

As I said, the traffic problem nowadays in Hanoi is extremely complicated. High population density of city centre areas is a trouble itself and the public passenger conveyance is still hard to approach. Public transportation has developed but hasn't satisfied the passenger's demand. The main means of communication is motorbike and in rush hours, the streets are all packed and traffic jams happen everyday.

People's consciousness of traffic regulations and policies excution is unacceptable bad. That's the reason why Hanoi should have a new form of fast and considerable massive convey.

BRT is a public passengers tranport system which is capable of boarding passengers, effectively, especially suitable for developing countries which are having economic problems like Vietnam. BRT can meet a demand of 180 getting-on passengers in probably 15-20 seconds. There are two kinds of BRT buses: the ones running on main routes are 2-carriage buses; the carriages are linked with each other by flexible joints, and the ones on auxiliary routes are small ones collecting passengers to key stations. BRT will have its own lanes which are 3.5 metres in breadth and includes bus priority at traffic signals, " interval- based" operationand level boarding on new low-floor buses, all of...