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The Downfall of Chattanooga Ice Cream 1

The Downfall of Chattanooga Ice Cream

Amber Parker

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The Downfall of Chattanooga Ice Cream 2


In this paper I will do an analysis on what I think cause the downfall of Chattanooga Ice Cream. I will also give and observation of the Chattanooga Ice Cream Division and how lack of respect and communication caused them to lose one of their biggest clients. I assay Charlie Moore's leadership style. I will see how things could have been handled differently, if they would have applied teamwork and good leadership to the equation.

The Downfall of Chattanooga Ice Cream 3


Chattanooga Ice Cream, Inc. was a division of Chattanooga Food Corporation, which was founded in 1936. The Ice Cream Division of Chattanooga Foods was one of the largest regional ice cream manufacturers in the United States, (Sloane, The Chattanooga Ice Cream Division, HBR, p.2).

Following the loss of Stay & Shop one of their largest customer, Charlie Moore the division's president and general manager, and his executive management had several meetings to discuss the future of the division and their product. Moore was responsible for the outcome of the company's future, and dealing with the conflicting attitudes and opinions of the members of his team. It was his responsibility to make sure everyone was on the same page to get the company back up and running properly.

Charlie Moore as a Leader

If I had to give detail as to what type of leader Charlie Moore was on the DiSC he would be a S & C leader. He preferred an orderly environment. He believed in collaborating to get things accomplished.

The Downfall of Chattanooga Ice Cream 4

He strived to make progress...