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Ernesto "Che" Guevara (1928-1967) Ernesto Guevara got his nickname "che"from Fidel Castro when the were at the hight of the cuban revolution together it means "chum" or "buddy". He was an avarage citazin who loved politics but always thought and average person cannot change the world. He suffered from severe asthma that always held him back from the sports he loved like soccer, and thought if he was a doctor he could at least change that so he decided to go to school and study medicine to find a cure for his terrible asthma. After he had finnally completed school (some time later) he was able to see how badly his people were held down by the political powers of the world. He met fidel Castros brother (pidro) on one of his two or thhree week excursions he loved to go on and they made plans to take the power the so rightly deserved, and as soon as he was released from jail he met the man who hadf the same views as him Fidel Castro they joined forces in Mexico in 1954.

He was a leader of the 1956-59 Cuban Revolution. Then in 1965 he left Cuba to set up a guerrilla force in Bolivia, where he was caught, isolated, then later killed in October 1967 (his hands and feet being choped off and his body burried under a landing strip). He developed the theory "Primacy of Military Struggle," and invented the famous Gurrila Force. Later in his life Che argued against the Soviet Union in thier claims that the Northern hemisphere of the world, both the Soviet Union and the US, exploited the Southern hemisphere of the world. He strongly supported the Vietnamese Revolution, and urged his comrades in South America to create "many vietnams" and reach an equil right as there enemys.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara is an ideal revolutionist