The Children's Achievement Centre Windsor, Ontario

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The Children's Achievement Centre is a child and family intervention service. It provides day treatment services for children with learning, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The mission of the Children's Achievement Centre, or C.A.C., is "committed to improving the quality of life as experienced by children, youth and their families." The C.A.C. was established in Windsor in 1970 from a direct need for a community-based child and family intervention facility. Since the time of it's establishment, the Children's Achievement Centre has become a leader in providing quality child and family intervention services. The children who attend the Centre range in age from five to thirteen years of age and live throughout Windsor and Essex County.

The C.A.C. is a non-profit organization and an accredited member of Children's Mental Health Ontario. It works in partnership with parents and other community providers. Cooperative programming allows the C.A.C. to provide children and families, a broad range of services that are built around the holistic needs of children, youth, and families.

These needs are the driving force in providing the least intrusive, most effective, and timely service. These services are accessible, responsive, and accountable to the community.

The C.A.C has several programs to assist children with the difficulties they may be having. The Multi-Disciplinary Day Treatment and Out Client Program is for families whose children have mental health issues resulting in social, emotional, and/or behavioural needs. Additionally, these children may also have communication, family, and/or other difficulties. As part of the multi-disciplinary approach, the C.A.C. works collaboratively with the families of the children attending the Centre. This approach allows employees to treat children within the context of their family, cultural group, and community.

The Psychological Assessment Program assesses social, emotional, intellectual, and academic achievements for all children. The combination of tests used is dependent on...