China's one child policy.

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The huge population growth over the past few decades has been a cause for concern globally. However, few countries have responded in the way China has. The population has put a tension on the limited resources of china. Many people are moving to the cities, leaving less people to farm the land. Not only is the population increasing, people are living longer, due to better acts in medicines. The population of 65 years old was only 66 million in 1990, and now is expected to grow 90 million by 2000, and 167 million by 2020. However, the way this policy had been treating people in china as the way that is very inhuman like. What is priority? The concerns for the over populated land? Or the quality of life people of those people already exit in this world?

There's variety of issues exist within this topic. Thus, it is all lead to over population and the problems occur during the China's one child policy is proceeding.

It is important for one to understand how china's one child policy have worked as good tool to limit the china's population in the mean while, prone to floods and famine. It is also important the kind of side effects it had left as Chinese people had hard time adopting this policy as well as how the world is involved in china's one child policy.

The China's population has reached 12 billion. The world's population is approximately 52 billion then the china has one forth of our populations. The average number of population expansion rate is 1.3% therefore more than 1,50million more people are coming to the world. Shanghai has the highest ecological foot print with 2000 person per 1. In order to prevent china's explosive population expansion, the government implemented the policy known...