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School is a place for student learning a new thing; it also is a place forstudent make a friend and has a fun thing to do.

That's what I think the school should be. But I totally change when I came to school on my first semester. Chinese school is more like a place to disciplines student how to obey teacher's word, school rules and society

rules. As a lit of people said, "Chinese school doesn't teach something that is useful on our life and most course is so complex that something even college

student can't answer". I have a same feeling what the people said, because when I was in elementary school. I took the math course that's far ahead than American elementary school.

I remember the first midterm exam assignment the teacher writes down on the board, it said "study and review the first quarter I teach and review

some textbook I recommend.

It is useful on you mid-term exam". I write down the teacher's assignment and study them. When I went home and study the text book teacher recommend. I fall in puzzle. The question on the

textbook I have no idea what to do. I still remember this question, " when a person travel on speed 55 miles per hour from his house to school. The distance from school to house is 6 miles, when this person arrives at school

and than make a left turn go straight to a soccer game field. It take 20 minute arrive at soccer game field. When the soccer game over a person travel a same speed (55 miles per hour) from soccer field to his house. It takes a 4x distance. The question is solve X and Y? Next question is how many miles per hour does it...