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The CD-MDC recently held a formal dinner for participants of the Social Graces for Youth class. This class taught etiquette and social graces skills. The participants spent over six weeks in courses ranging from place settings, proper dining etiquette, grooming and social graces. The classes culminated in a formal dinner held at the University of Maryland Inn and Conference Center on June 13, 1999 where their skills were demonstrated. The youth actively participated in the program by conducting the prayer, scripture readings, and blessing of the food.

Guests included Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, committee members, parents, instructors and other guests. The youth participants were DeRay Armstrong, Jiliahnne Boyd, Antoinette Caldwell, Crystal Caldwell, Jabri Duhaney, Stacy Embrach, Imani Fenwick, Kenneth Armstrong-Hudson, David Higgins, Tia Higgins, Natasha Hurst, Warren Morris, Brittany Morgan, Obini Morgan, Olivier McLeod, David Nichols, Charles Onwakwe, Renee Shamberger, Rory Shamberger and Rachelle Vinson. The instructors were Cheryl Higgins, Darleen Smith and Delores Thomas.

The youth, parents and guests dined on assorted fruits and cheeses, asparagus and cambazola in puff pastry, mesclun and belgian endive salad with pine nuts and goat cheese, grilled chicken breasts in sauce, rice pilaf, vegetables and coconut torte. The program concluded with a presentation of certificates for the youth, presentations to the instructors and remarks by Reverend Washington, our pastor. The CD-MDC thanks the many Reid Temple members who provided donations for sponsoring the children. The CD-MDC is sponsored by the James Parker Lay Organization and is chaired by Mrs. Winifred Cameron. Committee members for the event were Carolyn Armstrong, Paulette Armstrong, Jean Childs, Helene Goodwin, Dorcas Hart, Lillian Hill, Dawn Young Johns, Jean Little, Sharri Martin, Betty Pointer, Dorothy Shackleford, Anita Shamberger and Clara Vinson.

The goals of the commission are to assist our youth in developing a positive spiritual life, familiarization with the doctrine of the AME church and maximizing the gifts, talents and training for a productive Christian life. Participation is open to all youth members of Reid Temple A.M.E. church.