Christianity In Comparison To Other World Religions

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BASIC CHRISTIANITY TERM PAPER: Christianity and its relation to other world Religions The relation between Christianity and other world religions has become one the most pressing issues for Christian self-understanding. It is impossible for Christians to ignore the existence of other religions, which are flourishing. These other world faiths make up much more of the population than Christian and provide spiritual homes to millions of people. Since there is no space for ignorance on the part of Christians and from the Christiandom of humanity, the paper discusses various ways in which Christianity is linked to other major world religions which make up the majority of the world's population.

Until now this issue has been a theoretical issue receiving theoretical responses.

Christians have lived within the cultural borders of Christendom and for many within the borders of the church. From this center Christians have been sending out missionaries to promote and propagate Christianity.

They have also falsely enjoyed a sense, that the world is in the process of becoming completely "Christianized"�. In the past Christians have viewed most of the Non-Christian population in negative terms as the "unfortunate"� not-yet-christianized portion of the humanity. However, now, this attitude of religious imperialism has now been shattered.

The population of Christians in the world is something like, 20% of the total, and this population is continuously increasing but at the same time the proportion of Christian population is rapidly declining. One the main reason for this is the "Population explosion"�, which is taking part in non-Christian areas of the world.

Hence the Christian faith is held, as in the past, only a minority which is more likely to become smaller than larger. This thought casts a massive shadow over any assumption that it is God's wills that all mankind shall be converted to the...