Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold was written in 1982 by Gabriel García Márquez, a Latin American author already well known for his colorful style, known as magic realism . Although Chronicle is one of his later and lesser known works, it is still true to this distinct style. The same year the book was published, Márquez captured the nobel prize in literature for a previous work, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Historically speaking, Chronicle and Márquez' other novels are all part of a wave of Latin American and Hispanic literature that emerged in the 1960s. Gabriel García Márquez (also known as Gabo) was an important force in putting Hispanic literature on the map.

Like many of his previous novels and stories, Chronicle is set in a small South American town where everyone knows everyone else's business. The action is set in motion by the arrival of Bayardo San Román, a mysterious figure who sets his eye on Angela Vicaro, a young girl long tucked away behind her two older sisters.

The progression of events leading up to their marriage eventually leads to the death of Santiago Nasar in a murder so badly planned, so obvious to everyone in town, that it is that much more of a mystery. From the beginning, the author reveals quite a few things about the murder, including who will be murdered and the two perpetrators, Angela's brothers. Therefore, the reader is free to draw his own conclusions about the murder as a more moral mystery begins to develop. The novel thoroughly explores the causes of the murder by first mentioning the imminent death of Santiago, describing the events leading up to the murder, and finally returning to the murder scene. This format raises several important questions. What is Márquez trying to say about the unwritten...