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*Time - In the late 1800's

*Era / Duration - Approximately an hour

*Characters - Mrs. Mallard / Louise (Wife)

Brently Mallard (Husband

Josephine (Sister)

Richards (Husbands friend)

*Place - In the house of Mr. & Mrs. Brently Mallard

Located somewhere in the country-side.


Why does Mrs. Mallard feel "Free!" in both body and soul in hearing the news of her husbands death at the railroad track?


1.Mrs. Mallards' sister, Josephine tells her that her husband has died in a railroad disaster.

2.Mrs. Mallard showed her emotions of grief like a storm in her sisters arm.

3.She went up to her room and sat down in her armchair.

4.She was looking out her window staring at the tops of the trees, and the clouds.

5. A feeling started to come over her, she could not explain it at first but the she whispered out "Free, Free, Free."

6.Josephine wanted to come in the room to see what she was doing.

7.Mrs. Mallard told her to go away and that she was no making herself ill.

8.Josephine finally comes in the room to see that her sister, Mrs. Mallard has died. (Most likely from a heart attack)

9.Brently Mallard enters his house to see his sister-in-law crying and that his friend Richards was trying to block the view of his dead wife.