Chronicles of Continuation

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AbstractTechnologies in science, film, computers, medicine, or anything else in the last century have helped and benefited mankind for many things. Although these technologies have done so much for humans, they cannot take the place of the sound of someone’s voice that stimulates the mind with the interest of story they tell. The storyteller must have certain qualities to be a great storyteller by the attention it evokes from its listeners. The storyteller chronicles the history of the past and relives it by retelling it. Certainly technology is not to be undermined or treated as less important than storytelling; however, a product or machine cannot replace human communication. Storytellers have past and present have a few things in common. They want to inform, entertain, and recreate their story. Ancient storytellers told stories to preserve the past. Modern storytellers tell their story to make the past or present a part of the consciousness of the future.

They say it in literature, lyrically, poetically, or in a different type of art form. It is up to the receiver to find what it is they will take from the communicator.

Chronicles of ContinuationThe life of a party is sometimes the one who tells the jokes, but sometimes it’s the one who tells a captivating story. The story could be about a trip they took, or something that happened to someone else. The group in the party will take notice just because the person’s voice brings to life the characters, events, and images of that particular story. They may not realize it at the time why they have been engrossed in the story. The person telling the story may be so involved with telling their story that they may not notice the attention their receiving. They are storytellers. Storytellers are people who tell stories.