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The Museum of Tolerance For my extra credit report, I, Juan Rico, visited the Museum of Tolerance. The Museum is located on 970 Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles. The Museum displays a great deal of World War II artifacts. A large part of the Museum emphasizes on the Holocaust that took place in the early 1930's to the early 1940 "˜s. The Holocaust was the extermination of millions of Jews by the Nazis. The Nazis persecuted the Jews for having a different religion, and they also blame the Jews for the death of Jesus Christ.

The Museum is broken into two major parts. The First part is the bottom floor or the interaction floor. This floor contains very emotional displays. One of the displays is a replica of a gas chamber similar to the gas chambers many Jews lost their lives. Inside the replica gas chamber, monitors replace the lethal gas.

The monitors play footage showing Jews people in concentration camps. On this floor, the Museum also contains a display of a town during the Holocaust and what people taught about the Holocaust.

The other part of the Museum is the artifacts floor. For example, The Museum has an old Nazi Flag that use to belong to former commander from the third Reich. The Museum also has the diary of Anne Franks. This floor contains Nazis uniform, concentration camp bonk beds, and an American flag that contains more than 50 stars on it. Jews prisoners in a concentration camp that did not know how many States the United States contained made the Flag. These artifacts are important reminder of the Holocaust.

The Museum is beside the Simon Weisthal center. Mr. Weisthal is a survivor from the Holocaust. He has dedicated his life to capturing World War II criminals. The Museum works with the Simon Wiesthal center on displaying Holocaust displays. The Center also contains a synagogue. The synagogue is were Jews people pray. The Center is also a school for Jews boys.

The Museum was very informative on the struggles of the Jewish People during the Holocaust. The Museum theme is that people must have tolerance towards other people and that the Holocaust should never happen again. The Museum also has a piece on the Los Angeles riots. The Museum will always stand as remainder of the persecution of the Jews people.