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CIGARETTE ADVERTISING I selected to analyze a cigarette advertisement. The brand name of the product is Salem. I actually picked two very similar advertisements. The first advertisement has two White females wearing shorts wheel dolly with White male sitting on stacked coolers on pier. The Male is holding a wooden ice bucket with champagne bottles and a cigarette on his right hand. The second one has three White couples; bathing suit clad girls on shoulders of the guys playing with huge beach ball in splashing water.

Cigarette is a Finely ground tobacco wrapped in paper; for smoking. The government doesn't recommend smoking. Health officials and doctors claim that smoking is bad for your health. If this is the case, why people still smoke? Not only adults who do smoke but also more young people are now smoking. The smoker gets even younger. So why is this happening? I really don't know the whole politics beyond the tobacco business, but one thing I know is that there promotion and advertisement is very successful.

That is why cigarette advertisements caught my attention. Cigarette advertisement is not just a plain straightforward advertisement, but there is more deep meaning behind it. Cigarette advertisements, while it works effectively, are very manipulative and evasive in promoting their products. In this case I can also apply John Berger arguments about how pictures or paintings are interpreted. In his book called "Ways of seeing"� he discusses some points about the similarity of the paintings from the past to the pictures and advertisement from today. Like the similarity of the devices, techniques and aims.

Let us now consider the advertisements that I chose. First I want to talk about the tone of the picture on my two selected advertisements. Notice that it uses a lot of bright colors like...