What is the purpose of advertising? Essay shows an example of the purpose of advertising. (To sell a concept, not a product).

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Why Kool Cigarettes are "Cool"

I'm going to tell you exactly why Kool cigarettes are "cool." I never believed that smoking a cigarette could make me "cool" but this company was able to make a believer out of me and I guarantee that I will be able to make a believer out of you. Kool cigarettes will give you everything you have ever desired in life: relaxation, popularity and most importantly for most of us, favor of the opposite sex. You're concerned about health you say? Health shouldn't be an issue when you have Kool cigarettes. Think about all you can have, the popularity, the fame, the fortune, it's all there for you, just smoke Kool.

Notice in my ad that the good-looking man has three beautiful women surrounding him, rooting him on while he gambles. How many of you guys have a difficult time getting just one woman to go anywhere with you let alone three sexy women? This man will never have that problem because he smokes Kool cigarettes.

Kool is the "lonely-man's cure." If you're feeling lonely and want to spice up your life, just pop one of these babies in your mouth, light it up and you will instantly be the life of the party like this man. All eyes will be on you and you will never be able to do wrong. Have I convinced you yet?

How about if you're feeling tensed about something? Don't worry, Kool cigarettes can help you with this too. Notice the ad again, the man is gambling at a casino, completely relaxed, laughing and enjoying the night even though his money is on the line. How many of you would be able to relax and enjoy the women if your money is at risk? If you had Kool...