Cisco: A Leader in Technology

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It is a technological world we live in. We deal with people around the world through boxes that sit across the room. We rely on technology for everyday things like the telephone, teleconferencing, satellites, and cell phones. Where would we be if it weren't for all these gadgets like computers and the internet?

Technology is an ever present external factor for many companies. This factor would not exist if it was not for the ambition of companies and leaders competing to bring the newest and most powerful technologies to an ever expanding market. These leaders deal with many internal and external factors, themselves, when producing the most cutting edge products the world has ever seen. Among the many factors, this paper will touch on three. We will use a well known global juggernaut in technology, Cisco Inc. as an example of how a company uses these factors to their advantage.

The first factor discussed will be innovation and how the company uses it to keep a competitive edge. Then we will talk about technology and how Cisco is able to implement its innovative ideas to better the internet. Lastly, we will discuss how the company plans to expand its market share through globalization. Let's get started and explore how Cisco Inc. uses innovation to further its goals.

Innovation is the act of creating something new and driving change. What company is a better example of this than Cisco? Cisco was founded in 1984, and has been able to continuously push the limits of technology into new areas. In the technology industry, it is imperative that you always develop new, better and faster ways to protect and transmit data. Over the last 20 years Cisco has repeatedly beat its competitors to market with new and innovative equipment and support. With increasing...